Thursday, July 4, 2013

Oink, Oink?

In a report last week the leadership of the ACP (Association of Catholic Priests), which claims to represent a thousand priests in Ireland, having made a round of the councils of priests in the dioceses, said that a "substantial number of bishops, and some priests" believe people in Ireland have become pagan.  The report raised the ire of the media and some people.  What was most astonishing was that the media did not ask the bishops if they actually said this, but took the word of an unofficial group of priests who dissent from Catholic teaching without question.
Well in The Irish Catholic this week, staff reporters have consulted the councils of priests in Ireland to see what they actually said, and it seems that in the discussions, while secularism was discussed in some, the word "pagan" was not referred to at all.
So, did the ACP take it up wrong or are they telling porkies to get more publicity? 


  1. You should read their latest gem on priesthood.

  2. Fr. John I would like to ask you a question re: bringing Holy Communion to my mother who is housebound. I did do this on a daily basis but stopped when I saw on EWTN one day that this was not allowed and was only the duty of a Priest or a Parish Eucharistic Minister. I was told by one of our curates that any relative can bring Holy Communion to a member of their family who is housebound or sick, but I said that was not the case. He said that the Church has said it was okay but I don't know where it says that ? I don't wish to be arguing with a Priest but this put me into an awkward situation.

    1. Thanks Anne. If you get a chance contact me on the parish telephone and we can discuss it.