Friday, August 3, 2012

Always The "Aggressor"

In a WiFi zone, I am just putting a few thoughts down - I haven't access to a computer, just iPad, so this will look messy thanks to the incompatibility problems I mentioned a few days ago.  (I have since got to a computer to format this).

No doubt you have been following the Chick-fil-A story. Here is the perfect example of secularist intolerance and their constant quest to be everlasting victims.   Reading the reactions to the opinion of the man in Chick-Fil-A one would think that those who hold true to traditional Judeo-Christian morality are the dominant force in western society persecuting those who have no choice but to live alternative lifetstyles.  

We all know that's not true anymore - we are no longer the aggressor - it is the secular, sexually permissive, homosexualist lobby who are now the establishment and using their new found power to annihilate those who disagree with them, even when those who disagree do so only in private.   I use annihilation intentionally - there is a rage in many of those who persecute us - I have seen it many times.  

How do we respond to this in a Christian way?  How do we engage in "battle", if I may use that image, by being true to virtue, Christ-like patience and holding to the truth without compromise? That is the challenge for us today.  We cannot become enraged like our enemies, if we do we hand ourselves over to the devil.  I think we can find the answer to this in the Gospel, and then see it at work in those who are "the Gospel in flesh" - the saints.       

On another topic, Fr Longenecker has an interesting post today - concerning the dictatorship of sentimentality.  That is one of the weapons the secularists use to defeat truth.   We priests have met this dictatorship many times.  Indeed I remember dealing with one person who constantly turned on the tears when caught out.  It worked the first time, but not after that: when the fountains began to flow I just stood back and waited.  "Whenever you're ready", I said to her.   I am heartless: but I think she is starting to get the message.

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