Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rabbitte In The Headlights

Well, well, it seems there is life in the old dog yet.   Fianna Fail, the main opposition party in Ireland, and the one which was decimated in the last election, has taken exception to Labour Minister Pat Rabbitte's remarks on excluding the Church from the upcoming debate on abortion.  FF Health spokesman Billy Kelleher has accused Rabbitte of disrespect towards the Cardinal, trying to suppress discussion and "intimidate" the Church from being involved in the public arena.  All of which is true.

Some backbenchers in Fine Gael have also reacted and have stated that they will not support legislation which will introduce abortion.  Two have come out in defence of life: Tom Barry and John O'Mahoney.  Time to put a tick after their names.  Indeed it is time to have a list of all our TDs and to find out how they would vote - if they would vote against abortion, put a tick, as you would, say in the poll booth; and if they say they would vote for abortion or get all squirmy and vague, cross out their names and remember to ignore them at the next election. 

But let us hear from other backbenchers.  A good revolt in the ranks could sort this issue out.  Backbenchers sometimes forget that the future of a party leader is, ultimately, in their hands - it is their gift.  Party leaders like to strut around as if they were in charge, sometimes they need to be reminded that their position is a precarious one.

I see Labour chairman, Colm Keaveney, is as entrenched as his comrades.  He said that while the Catholic Church was entitled to be listened to, the Cardinal's comments were "in excess of the Church's current standing".   As per usual some believe the moral law is decided by popularity and numbers.  And let us not forget, abortion is not a Catholic issue - it is a human issue.  People of all faiths and none stand united in the defence of life because we all recognise that life is sacred and precious.

And that brings me back to another old chestnut of mine: when are the churches and religious communities of Ireland going to unite in protest?   May I suggest that His Eminence and their Lordships make contact with the Anglican bishops, moderators and leaders of other Christian communities, the Chief Rabbi, the Chief Imam and leaders of other religious traditions, to sit down and plan a strategy to oppose the introduction of abortion.  As I said before, we need to work with others and present a strong united front.  So far the secularists in Ireland have divided and conquered: they have used the Catholic Church's self delusion that we can act alone and use the influence we once had - the quiet word with the local TDs, to promote their agenda.  That way of lobbying may not work anymore - if the TD is sincere he/she may not have the character to go against the whip, or he/she may well be preening a bishop's feathers to get votes but will betray confidence when convenient. 

"New wine, new wineskins" - while not rejecting the "quiet word", a new world order in Ireland, may also require a new response and new tactics.  We are not looking for a fight, but a strong united front from all religious traditions on this island will make the government realise that they will not legalise the killing of our children without forceful opposition - an opposition that will not go away even if parliament should shuffle abortion in. 

Of course all of this is very ironic when you remember that the government and her secular friends are anxious to get a children's rights referendum passed!  There can be no rights without life. 

Time to pray and fast.  So now, people, bread and water on Fridays - for the little children.


  1. Afraid Protestant ecclesial communions just aren't as pro-life as they oughtto be.

  2. All priests and Bishops ought to be speaking out against this egregious evil, all day, every day - in church and out of church. Sadly, most Catholics, never mind the public at large, in Ireland, have heard any direct teaching about the great evils of the systematic killing of babies in utero and the manipulation of conception and pregnancy, and the pre-born person according to disordered and selfish desires. Will the current threat of the legalisation of the klling of innocent, defenceless babies in their mothers' wombs, finally waken their dormant consciences? Dear Lord, send us holy, fearless, Bishops and priests to teach, encourage and lead the Faithful and the people at large.

  3. It is time for us all to play our part if our defence of the life of an unborn baby and I fully support fasting on bread and water on Fridays. Prayer and fasting can move mountains. This will also prepare us for what God wants us to do next. God bless.

  4. Well not sure about "So now, people, bread and water on Fridays" but def its time to stand up for what you believe in. As mentioned a long time ago by another group on this island when it stated its time to take the gun out of politics. Well its time we took the word catholic out of the debate and people know what there faith base is stood for what they believe in and not what politicians want them to.

    I laugh when I read the labour party chairs line in IT on Tuesday as well.

    Well for his information I am not part of the catholic bishops or priests, I am a catholic a member of the church body he states "in excess of the Church's current standing" well Mr Chair I am in good standing and am entitled to share my view point with out enforcing it on any one. The last time I looked at the teaching of the church freedom of choice was allowed is that the same in the Labour Party?

  5. Interesting comment from Clare Daly last night on Vincent Brown - says she was thanked by an Anglican bishop for her support for abortion. No reason to disbelieve her.