Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good News From Rome For The Fraternity


I received good news this afternoon.  The Protector Bishop of the Fraternity, Bishop Michael Smith, rang me to tell me that the Congregation for Divine Worship and Sacraments have granted the Fraternity permission to celebrate the feast of Blessed John Paul II.   The letter, signed by Cardinal Canizares Llovera himself, was received by the Bishop this morning, and another has been sent to the Fraternity.   As soon as I get more details I will post them - probably when I get back from vacation.

Following Blessed John Paul's beatification, the Council of the Fraternity made the decision to make him Co-Patron of the Fraternity, since he is one of our major inspirations - we had a special Mass in May of last years, attended by many members of the Fraternity, to formally declare him Patron.  It was announced at that Mass that the Council would petition Rome for permission to celebrate the feast of the Blessed Pontiff as, according to the liturgical norms, a Blessed's feast can only be celebrated within his or her own diocese or congregation, and in those dioceses or congregations which have received formal permission from Rome to do so.  

Having done the preparatory work, assisted and advised by Bishop Smith, we had to make a request to the Irish Bishop's Conference to send a petition to Rome on our behalf.  On the 1st June of this year, Cardinal Sean Brady, on behalf of the Bishops made a formal petition to the Congregation: today it received a positive response.  

First of all, our deep thanks must go to Cardinal Canizares Llovera for granting our petition.  Our thanks must also go to Cardinal Brady for his kindness in agreeing to make the formal petition.  And of course, much thanks and appreciation to Bishop Smith who has been instrumental in helping us in this petition, and has been a great friend and supporter of the Fraternity since the first day we approached him for advice and help.  And finally, to Blessed John Paul himself - for his prayers and fatherly care for our family of prayer, a joyful "dzieki"!

So, I will post the details of the indult when I get them - but to all the members of the Fraternity I ask you to prepare for the 22nd October - on that day I request that all members of our family of prayer throughout the world will celebrate for the first time, the feast of our beloved Co-Patron. 

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