Sunday, August 19, 2012

Crucifixions In Egypt

Shocking news coming through from Egypt: from what I see members of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood, or their supporters, have started crucifying their opponents - and I do not mean in a metaphorical sense.  A number of those who oppose the new president of Egypt were stripped naked and crucified in front of the presidential palace.  It seems the so-called "Arab Spring" is turning sour as the push for democracy seems to be turning into a persecution for those who do not support the new administration. 

Concerns are growing for Christians in Egypt - the Copts, but also Catholics and other Christians, is it possible that the Muslim Brotherhood will start a persecution against them: will our Christian brothers and sisters be crucified alongside the new administration's political opponents.  Time for prayer. 

So far I see only Christian news channels are reporting this, the mainstream media have not given any indication that this is happening, so we need to have these stories confirmed. 

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