Sunday, July 29, 2012

Poacher Made Gamekeeper

So the Minister for Health has appointed the head of the Irish Family Planning Association, an ardent supporter and campaigner for abortion in Ireland, Tony O'Brien, as the new head of the HSE or what it will become when it is rebranded. The news reached me here on holiday. To say I was angry would be an understatement. 

Time for Enda Kenny to stand up and reverse the appointment. He always passed himself off as pro-life, and you know, I will believe him when he says he is. It is one thing to attack the Pope in the safety of the Dail where he cannot be sued for slander, but it is another to allow the pro-abortion ideologues take the reins and force their deathly agenda on the unborn children of this country. Now it is time to act: if you're pro-life Enda, prove it! I also lay the gauntlet down before the bishops and priests of Ireland: if you believe in the sanctity of life - now prove it: no more silence! 

Pro-life groups, get ready for the fight!

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  1. Yes, we need priests, and especially, the Bishops, to join the fight, which some of us have been engaged in for decades. Irish prolife people who are Catholics have been trying desperately to fight, for the most part without our spiritual and moral leaders, much to the detriment of the prolife cause in Ireland. The active and yet-to-be active prolife people of Ireland are waiting in hope for Catholic Bishops and priests to lead and support us so that we can more effectively fight the increasing threats to life, marriage, family and faith which are being waged in many areas but, ultimately, are all part of one great spiritual battle for the souls of our nation. Thank you, Father, for all your great work. As you know, all priests, by virtue of their vocation are actively fighting the prolife cause - and in so doing are engaging in the battle with the Devil for our souls. Bishops and priests who are not fighting this fight are not doing their fundamental duty as priest or Bishop.