Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Fall Of The House Of Schori?

Further to my post below on the state of the Church of England, it seems their American cousins are heading for a serious crisis not because they refused to ordain women bishops, but their presiding bishop, Katharine Schori, seems to be centralising power in herself.  That coupled with high living is causing some people in the community to worry and wonder if the Episcopalian ecclesial community is about to collapse.

Thanks to Fr Longenecker for his post on the issue and the link to an article by an Episcopalian lamenting the transition from democracy to tyranny.  Both of these articles are worth reading.  Perhaps Rowan Williams should read them too.

It seems the Episcopalians have passed a liturgy for the funerals of pets.  That brings me back to the para-liturgical services that took place in the Hogan family garden over the years as dogs, goldfish, terapins and other pets, having reached their span of years, were laid to rest by tearful children and consoling parents.  Over a Hail Mary and a thanks to God for the joy the deceased brought to our lives, the loved one was gently buried, and after the rites were concluded, a modest reception was held in the kitchen.  And though parents vowed never to get another pet because it was too hard losing them, they were already biding their time for the day when a new life bounded into the hall. 

Lovely memories, and lovely practices, moments for children to learn to appreciate the gifts of God, but to make it a formal liturgy in the Church - not so sure.

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