Friday, January 21, 2011

These Look Good

Two good news stories from the showbiz arena.  The first is the highly publicised plans by Eduardo Verastegui to open a pro-life crisis pregnancy centre to support women.  Well done, Eduardo.   He is committed to the pro-life cause as is obvious in his movie Bella which our film club watched just last Tuesday night.  We will keep his efforts in our prayers.

The CNA has a report on the Holy Wood Acting Studio founded to help train actors and help them in the formation of good character and spirituality.  Sounds good.  They are even incorporating Pope John Paul II's theology of the body.  Eduardo Verastegui is involved in this project too.  God bless him.  We must pray for him, if he is doing so much good he bound to be under attack.   (Holy Wood Acting Studio website)

So now, dear readers, those of you who are not members of our Fraternity, would any of you like to join us and offer your prayers for Eduardo and his great work?    Pop over to our website, fill out the form and tell us in the comments box that you will adopt Eduardo and his projects as your prayer intention.

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  1. He has already come under attack. Eduardo helped in the campaign for Prop 8 in California. The reaction was for certain media to accuse him of being a closet homosexual and even linked him to Ricky Martin romantically. Of course no evidence was given. It was a complete smear campaign. Thank God Eduardo has had the courage to continue the good fight.