Monday, January 17, 2011

Catching Up

It has been a busy weekend.  Thank you for your prayers, the ceremony on Saturday went well, thank God.  Most of our community was there, and our Spiritual Assistant was also present to receive my promises.  My family made it up and they enjoyed themselves. 

However, I got more than I bargained for.  After my profession we had our community elections.  Christopher, our president was elected for a second term and I was elected a Counsellor.  It seems Our Lady is determined to put me to work!

Saturday also saw the ordination of the three former Anglican bishops as priests and the establishment of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham.  We must pray for them.  Wonderful post by Fr Z on the crowds of protesters outside Westminster Cathedral demanding women's ordination - two old ladies!   I heard news reports on this and I was told that there was a significant crowd protesting - so much for the media: not vert accurate really.  Reminds me of the coverage of dissenters' conferences.  You are always given the impression that the majority of Catholics are in revolt against the Pope.  Many times I hear from self-styled progressives who say that the Church's refusal to ordain women, allow abortion etc etc, is driving people away from the Church and keeping the youth away.  Then I look at young people flocking back to the Church in groups like Youth 2000 and the dissenter's conferences look like bingo night at the local nursing home, oxygen tanks and all.  The trendy priests are now on walking frames (or near enough to them) and colouring their roots -  hardly the picture of a vibrant future.  God love them.

Reactions to the Pope's decision to beatify Pope John Paul are still coming in, some on the Catholic blogs are not too happy with the speed.  Pat Archbald thinks a Cause should be like fermenting a fine wine in a remote monastery.  Can't agree with him - I think we must also allow God to work.  If the cause has been efficient and a miracle properly investigated and found authentic, to delay for the sake of filling in time is problematic, smacks of raising saints when we want to rather when God wants them.  If God grants immediate miracles and devotion, then there is a message there.

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