Friday, January 14, 2011

Biting the Apple

Perhaps you are following the row between Apple and those promoting the Manhattan Declaration which has been endorsed by tens of thousands.  A Manhattan Declaration Application was developed for the iphone, however it was removed by Apple after a small group of gay activists complained.  An appeal failed to persude Apple to restore it - they claim they do not want to support an application which offends.  Well, swallow your words, Apple Corp. because they have endorsed and promoted an application that makes a mockery of the Catholic faith and of our Sacrament of Confession.

Tim Drake writes about the Penance App which Apple is making available to interested parties.  Drake asks when the mockery will stop, I ask a more pertinent question, when will people in Apple see the double standard?   I wonder, would a boycott of Apple products do any good?  After all, if Catholics refused to buy or use Apple stuff, would that make them listen?  Probably not. 

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