Monday, August 25, 2014

St Genesius Novena Day 9

Meditating on the Lord's Prayer with St Genesius

But deliver us from evil

Evil corrupts, it distorts, destroys. The evil one seeks to recreate humanity, one marked by despair so individuals will lose the light of life and fall into darkness. Evil has built a city, one usurped from God, and the evil one seeks to populate it, create a metropolis of misery so he will not suffer alone, so his loathing will be deepened by the company of those he has unjustly claimed. Being delivered from evil is to be born to hope, to faith, love and joy. It is to embrace the Eternal Father, to believe in him and in his promises. It is to embrace Jesus Christ who died for us; to abandon ourselves to the Holy Spirit who loves us, guides us, vivifies us with grace and joy. Being delivered from evil is to be recreated into the image of Jesus Christ, the New Man who rose from the dead and has opened the gates of the new City of God to us, the Eternal Jerusalem. Evil creeps in the shadows, in the shadows of the human heart; being delivered from evil means that we allow the light of the Risen Christ open up our hearts in their entirety so there are no more crevices or holes for evil to hide. Being delivered from evil means that we know that we have Christ on our side and no one can conquer us, for we belong to him. In his dying St Genesius understood this, and he could say with all his heart, “Jesus Christ is God and we shall have life in his name”. 

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