Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Pro-Choice" Mask Has Slipped

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No doubt many of you are following the latest abortion story in Ireland. For those of you who are not, in summary: a non-national (ie, non Irish person) seeks an abortion in Ireland. She claims she is suicidal and needs a "termination" to prevent her killing herself. A team of psychiatrists examine her and agree with her: a "termination" is necessary, as provided for under the newly passed Abortion Act. However, thankfully, it is decided that the baby is too far advanced and should not be killed, but rather delivered by Cesarean section and given a chance to live: but the pregnancy will still be "terminated". This was done and now the pro-abortion movement in Ireland has erupted in indignation, they are calling for the new abortion bill to be scrapped or amended. They are calling for the Constitutional protection of the unborn child to be repealed. They are looking for heads on plates. Why? Because a baby lived. To put it bluntly: they want the baby dead.

Now we know that is what pro-choice advocates have always wanted. It is not about saving lives, it isn't even about choice. It is about killing unwanted babies. Abortion is just another form of contraception. What is really surprising is that the pro-choice brigade have let the mask slip. As a little baby is struggling for life, they are furious that he or she is alive. The child, in their view, should have been torn apart in its mother's womb and dumped: refused life, refused not just the dignity due to another human being, but the very definition of human being: it is only an inconvenient thing which should be discarded, regardless of how close it is to birth.

Inhuman? Yes, of course. Evil: yes, and I would go so far to say, Satanic. But now they feel confident enough to reveal the naked agenda they have been pursuing for so long, they no longer see the need to hide what they really want. The mask has slipped, it is gone, and perhaps it is gone because they know many people will not even notice now. And that is a commentary on Irish society, and certainly on political life in Ireland. Some of those who are indignant are public representatives, the same people who wanted to force through a flawed Constitutional Amendment on children's rights, the same people who were white hot in fury as they condemned the Catholic Church for its failures in protecting children, yet now they are not happy that a little baby is alive: they want him or her dead. Selective indignation, oh yes. But that's part of the pro-choice game. And part of that game is demonizing those who seek to defend the lives of vulnerable children while caring for their mothers. 

As all this happens, as it is considered acceptable and good and it is defended tooth and nail, I can only wonder where our society is going? Do the weak and vulnerable have a future here, or will they be thrown to the wolves, considered unworthy of life because somebody has made a choice not to accept them? 

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