Sunday, August 17, 2014

St Genesius Novena Day 1

Meditating on the Lord's Prayer with St Genesius

Our Father

The greatest revelation is not merely realising that God exists, but that he is our Father. It is easier to accept that a being greater than us may well exist than to accept that this being has a relationship with us, one more intimate than just being our Creator. To know that we are children of God, adopted through redemption and called to share eternal life in the House of our Divine Father, this is wondrous indeed. This was a revelation to St Genesius, it changed his life. The gods of Rome used humans as pawns in their intrigues against each other, in reality God sent his Son to earth as one of us and to offer his life as a sacrifice in atonement for our sins, to heal a breach between the human and the divine. This led Genesius to proclaim Christ and to lay down his own life for this truth rather than renounce the relationship he now had with God. May all remember that we are children of God; may we call the Eternal Father our Father, live our lives in the context of our relationship with him.

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