Wednesday, June 11, 2014

That Story: Two Good Articles

I think I will finish up writing posts on the Tuam Story, it is becoming clearer that this is one the media have cooked up from a genuine piece of research which studied poverty and care institutions in the past. It is not about the Catholic Church, it is about Ireland and the way she treated her most vulnerable citizens.  As someone said to me the Tuam story and the broader issues it raises are more about what Ireland did to the Catholic Church rather than what the Catholic Church did to Ireland. There's something in that.

Anyway, I want to bring two excellent articles to your attention, both from non-Catholic sources: Forbes and Spiked.  The Forbes piece puts the spotlight on the media and notes, quite accurately I think, that "the global media are becoming less and less accountable". It seems checking facts and context are becoming less and less of a priority in the newsrooms of the world.

The article on Spiked is from its editor, Brendan O'Neill, an Irishman who regards himself as an atheist, and one in the honourable sense of that term. He is open, fair and critical, but in what I have read of his stuff he is never dismissive. His piece on Tuam is worth reading and making others aware of it.


  1. Hi Fr John! I know this is already out of the topic, but I know that you are an enthusiast of the IEC! Would just like to let you hear the hymn for the IEC Cebu 2016, "Christ in Us, Our Hope of Glory!" Hope you can make it here, the land of Pedro Calungsod who's canonization you attended :)

    Lord, You lay down Your life as bread and wine we see
    Gave strength to our hearts and made us shout with glee
    When we eat the bread and drink the cup of wine
    We believe that Christ in us is our hope of glory

  2. Thanks Nino! Hopefully I will get over.