Sunday, June 15, 2014

International Eucharistic Congress 2016

As you know the next Eucharistic Congress is due to take place in Cebu in The Philippines in 2016 - Dublin hosted the last one in 2012. A reader, Nino, passed on this video, the theme song for the Congress, so I'm bringing it to your attention. I have no doubt that the next Congress will be a real festival of faith, so it would be well worth saving the pennies and cents to try and get over.  I would love to go, but work and finances will decide. Thanks Nino for the link.


  1. Father, perhaps you should do what Fr Z does - take up an online collection. He travels regularly thanks to his online benefactors.


  2. Thanks for the suggestion Jeff, but to be honest I would not be entirely comfortable with it. I will leave it up to Providence.