Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So Much For "Choice"

There is a disturbing article on LifeNews detailing how a teenager was forced to have an abortion against her will by a judge in the UK. The judge ruled she was mentally incapable of deciding for herself and so he considered it appropriate that he should supply the consent to allow the abortion go ahead. I have yet to hear the howls of indignation from the pro-choice brigade, but all I hear is crickets, as is usual in such cases.

I am reading Janet Morana's book Recall Abortion at the moment. Morana is co-founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, and organisation that works with women who have had abortions and are now suffering psychologically, emotionally and physically. Morana and her colleagues give these women space and a way to tell their story, one which pro-choice organisations and advocates deny them. The book is very good and is a must read for those in the pro-life movement. When an abortion takes place two lives are destroyed - the baby is killed, and the mother (for she is a mother now) suffers the repercussions. There are some excellent organisations out there to help women hurt by abortion and we must promote and support them.

In the book Morana allows these women to speak for themselves and one of the things which strikes you is that despite all the talk, there is little or no choice involved for many of these women. In one testimony a young woman describes how she changed her mind just before the procedure, but instead of respecting her "choice" the staff held her down and the baby was aborted. One common complaint made by these women was the almost total absence of pre-abortion counselling. I think by law in the US abortion clinics are required to provide some form of counselling before the procedure. But it is just another legal requirement put aside by abortion providers. 

What is obvious from all the testimonies is that the clinics are only interested in money. The reason why abortion continues to be a scourge is because it is making people very wealthy, and these wealthy people have tremendous influence and they use that influence to ensure politicians and the media do their bidding. Indeed many pro-abortion organisations are very fond of bankrolling certain politicians's campaigns to ensure they have minions in the legislatures of the world to protect their interests. Hitler killed out of insane hatred, abortionists and company do it for the money, to enrich themselves and in the process they destroy countless lives. If they do not convert and repent, there must surely be a very hot place waiting for these entrepreneurs. 

Anyway, here are some links for you. The Silent No More Awareness Campaign. Rachel's Vineyard, for women who need help following an abortion: the US site, and the Irish site.

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