Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Papa Giuseppe!

The Solemnity of our Holy Father, St Joseph, patron of the Universal Church, protector of the disciples of the Lord.  A happy feast day to you all.

I found this beautiful painting of St Joseph which I find to be a most wonderful image of him.  First of all it shows him as a young man.  There is no evidence to suggest he was an old man, he may well have been just a few years older than Our Lady.  It is an image which shows him as a strong man; as one who watches with a keen eye, a man who is trustworthy.  It is also an image which offers his heart for veneration - the loving, fatherly heart of St Joseph: a heart which was dedicated to Christ in love and service, and is now dedicated to us as he prays for us and helps us.  

May St Joseph watch over us all, protect us and lead us to Christ our Saviour.

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