Monday, March 24, 2014

Cardinal Caffarra on Communion Issue

I'm not sure if you saw this: Cardinal Caffarra's interview dealing with Communion for the divorced and remarried; just in case you didn't I'm posting a link to it - Zenit has a translation into English

It seems the cardinals are slowly being divided on the issue as the Synod on the Family draws closer. Cardinal Kasper's speech may have thrilled many liberals in the Church, and the media have been delighted with it, many in the Sacred College it seems were deeply disturbed.  Cardinal Burke has even gone as far as to say in a public interview on EWTN that Cardinal Kasper's position is erroneous. There are certainly many difficulties with what he suggested as a solution to the pastoral problem of the divorced and civilly remarried.

Many have serious apprehensions over what is happening in the Church and how the Synod will go.  We must trust in the Holy Spirit - he will guide the Church and protect her from error.  As I said before, we must pray for the Pope; let us commend him to the intercession and wise counsel of Blessed John Paul II and the Venerable Pope Paul VI.

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