Monday, March 3, 2014

King Philippe Approves Children's Euthanasia Bill

Sad news.  It seems King Philippe, King of the Belgians has signed the children's euthanasia bill into law. According to news reports the King signed the bill yesterday, on Sunday, the Lord's Day.  Those news outlets carrying the story in English are not the usual mainstream media: here are the reports: on RT, on The Voice of Russia,, The Bulletin. Here is the report in French in Le Soir. Vatican Radio also has a report in French. 

Many had hoped King Philippe, who was up to now a traditional, orthodox Catholic, would do as his uncle King Baudouin did when he refused to sign an abortion bill.  A petition signed by about 200,000 people had been sent to the Royal Palace pleading with him.  However, it seems those hopes were misplaced: another Christian leader has capitulated to the culture of death.  

I am personally disappointed with Philippe, up until now he had been an example for Catholic leaders, standing by the truth.  But then all men are weak, and as I write the words of the psalm come to mind: "Put not your trust in princes" (Ps 146:3).

We must pray for him, for Belgium and Europe.  

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