Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy Feast Day

Today in the Fraternity we celebrate the feast of St Genesius, transferred from yesterday, the actual day, because it was a Sunday.  Interestingly according to some martyrologies, today, the 26th is designated the feast day, so we're covered!
The feast day Mass will be celebrated in St Mary's Church, James Street, Drogheda, at 7.30pm, and all are welcome to attend.  The Mass will be offered for all our members, their intentions, the intentions of those who made the novena, and of course for our Fraternity's mission.
For your meditation today, the prayer of St Genesius from the Acts:
There is no king other than He whom I saw;
I adore and worship Him;
and even if I am slain a thousand times for worshiping Him,
I will belong to Him, as I have now begun to be.
he torments will not be able to take Christ from my mouth,
nor to take Him from my heart.
For I greatly repent of having sinned,
since formerly I shuddered at the holy name in use among holy men,
and, proud soldier that I was,
I have come rather late to adore the true King.’

Happy feast day to you all!

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