Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 7: The Father's Merciful Hand

In an event which was mysterious, there is one in the conversion of St Genesius which stands out.  He describes it here himself:
But when the water touched my naked body, and when I replied to the question that I believed, I saw a hand coming over me from heaven, and radiant angels standing above me who read from a book all the sins which I had committed from my infancy; but then they washed them in the very water in which I was bathed in your sight, and afterwards showed it to me whiter than snow.

Is he describing a vision?  There is an element of the Book of Revelation here particularly in his describing what seems to be the book of his own life.  In this vision he sees the effects of Baptism - our sins washed away in the waters of life and the soul made pure.  But it is the hand coming from heaven which is most intriguing and constitutes our meditation for this "moment".
Here I believe is the merciful hand of God the Father, the "Father of mercies", who in his love reaches out to his children to impart forgiveness and grace, and to hold our hands and lead us into his kingdom.  All of us live under the merciful hand of God.  Some may fear it, but in reality we must rejoice in it for it is the tender hand of a loving Father who wishes to caress and heal.  St Therese of the Child Jesus explores this vision of the Father's hand and sees that it lifts her up to heaven, up into his lap.
To realise that we are the children of God is the greatest insight.  To take hold of his merciful hand and walk with him is the best way to live. 

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