Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blessed Lucy of Narnia

Not her....

Thanks to Fr Finigan, I have just discovered that there is a Blessed Lucy of Narnia!  This is for all you Narnia fans out there!

She is, more correctly, Blessed Lucia Brocadelli of Narni, in Italy, here is the wikipedia biography.  She was a Dominican and had a fairly troubled life. 

Did C. S. Lewis base his Lucy on her? Possibly, though one would have to wonder if an Anglican Oxford don would be aware of an obscure Italian Beata.  But then again, the Holy Spirit can do all things.   That said, I believe the Lucy figure in the Narnia books represents Our Lady - she who was pure and so open to believe. 

Do you notice, the Dominicans tend to have some of the most interesting Saints? 

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