Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fraternity Members Please Take Note

The Holy Father has brought his General Audience talks on Saints to an end this week, and what a wonderful catechesis: that we are all called to be saints.   He reflected on the many "simple saints", those who will never be canonised, but who have left a reputation for holiness.  We should all strive to be saints, and the lives of the saints -which should be necessary reading for all of us - inspire us to reach for holiness: to live our lives in Christ, as the Holy Father said.   Here is an extract:
"As a conclusion to this series of catecheses on the lives of the saints, I would like today to speak of the holiness to which each Christian is called. Holiness is the fullness of the Christian life, a life in Christ; it consists in our being united to Christ, making our own his thoughts and actions, and conforming our lives to his. As such, it is chiefly the work of the Holy Spirit who is poured forth into our hearts through Baptism, making us sharers in the paschal mystery and enabling us to live a new life in union with the Risen Christ. Christian holiness is nothing other than the virtue of charity lived to its fullest. In the pursuit of holiness, we allow the seed of God’s life and love to be cultivated by hearing his word and putting it into practice, by prayer and the celebration of the sacraments, by sacrifice and service of our brothers and sisters. The lives of the saints encourage us along this great path leading to the fullness of eternal life. By their prayers, and the grace of the Holy Spirit, may each of us live fully our Christian vocation and thus become a stone in that great mosaic of holiness which God is creating in history, so that the glory shining on the face of Christ may be seen in all its splendour."
Fraternity members please take note: as we pray and offer sacrifice for those in the arts, we also seek to be sanctified.   If our Fraternity lasts (it is in the hands of God), I hope my successors as Father Director will be kept very busy with processing the Causes of members.  I think we already have two potential candidates for the altars in the four short years since our foundation, we leave that matter to God and to time. 

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