Friday, April 8, 2011

Bloggers Called to Rome

I see the Pontifical Council for Culture and the Pontifical Council for Social Communications have invited Catholic bloggers to come to Rome for a chat.   Due to take place on 2nd May, after Pope John Paul's beatification, there will be a limited number of seats - 150.  The invitation states that the councils want to listen to the bloggers and to hear of their experiences so as to understand the needs of the blogging community.  Interesting.   I suppose we'll have to get Mrs McCamley of the St Genesius Blog on the first flight to Rome to get her spoke in (Ryanair, I afraid, and she'll have to bring a tent - seems all the accommodation in Rome is booked up that weekend).  

I do hope, though, there will be a real mix of bloggers there.  But who else will be there?  Will Fr Z (peace be upon him) arrive pots, pans, birdcage and biretta in hand?  Or Fr Longenecker, wife and children in tow?  American Papist, with his briefcase, iPhone and filofax with contact numbers and blank pages for more?  Te Deum Diane with the anti-Medj brigade?  The Archbald brothers with their laptops to update CMR/NCR at any given moment?  Good old Damo Thompson, equiped with radio contact to the English Episcopal Conference?  The lovely Elizabeth Anchoress who would bring peace and common sense to the lot of them?  Even with just those few it would be a most interesting gathering - and they are just the English speakers, who knows what delightful characters would emerge from the Francophones and Germanophones, and as for the Italians - the sky's the limit!   Oh to be in Rome!

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