Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When Is Narnia Narnia?

Michael Flaherty, co-founder of Walden Media

Still thinking about this one.  We went to see the latest Narnia movie last Sunday (snow receded, but due back towards the end of this week - think I'll just take up hibernation!).  The movie was ok.

Following on from two previous posts, I read a very good article on the National Catholic Register which I would recommed you read.  It includes an interview with Michael Flaherty, co-founder of Walden Media, the company responsible for bringing Narnia to the big screens. As is obvious from the interview he would not agree with what Liam Neeson said. In fact he has some hard things to say about Neeson's view:
“I go to my pastor for words on how to unpack the religious meaning of things.....I go to a literature professor to explain literature. I’ve never gone to an actor to interpret literature or religious meaning. We hired Liam not because he has a degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, but because he’s one of the best actors on the planet, and he would give Aslan the best possible voice. The most important thing is not what comes out of Liam’s mouth at a press conference — it’s what comes out of his mouth when he’s speaking as Aslan up on the screen.”
That should do it!  Read the whole interview here.

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