Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bad Feelings

I think there is a sense of foreboding among pro-lifers in Ireland today.  Tomorrow the European Court of Human Rights rules on the case taken by two Irishwomen and a Lithuanian woman who say their human rights were violated by not being able to have an abortion in Ireland.  The court has not been a friend of the Christian faith and tends to lean towards the liberal and permissive.  That is bad enough, but the fact the judgment will be delivered in open court is ominous - is something revolutionary about to take place?

If the women win the case it will be a landmark judgement because it will not only effect Ireland, but all the countries which make up the Council of Europe - forty-seven countries in all.  If the women win then abortion may be considered a human right by the Court could be implemented as such in those countries. That is revolutionary enough for the Court to call an open session. 

Perhaps I am being too pessimistic, maybe the judges will reject the women's case but want the opportunity to chide Ireland's pro-life culture - after all there is nothing as anti-human and lacking in compassion as protecting the life of innocent babies in their mothers' wombs.   But I think the women will win, and the pressure will be on for Ireland to start opening the abortion clinics - I'm sure the people in Planned Parenthood already have their beady eyes on prime locations.  And of course, given the state of our finances some bright spark will suggest the government can put a tax on the abortion, conveniently forgetting that the one killed would have been  a tax-payer in twenty years or so.  If the Labour party wins the next election in Ireland, such a judgement would help them in their efforts to get abortion into Ireland.

But you know, if this does happen, it will amount to a satanic irony.  For the last number of years the liberals in Ireland have crucified the Catholic Church for the abuse of children, and rightly so in most cases.  But if abortion comes into Ireland, Ireland Inc. will be introducing the greatest abuse of children known to mankind - their violent murder in the place they ought to be safe. 

One day left and we will find out.  Time for prayer.

On this issue, see this article by Matt Archbald.  It seems that "post-natal abortion" (i.e. infanticide, infant homicide, child murder) is on the rise.  In France, where it is easier to get an abortion than a pint of milk, mothers are exercising their "right to choose" even after they have given birth.  This is the world our pro-choice friends have created for us.  Isn't it a lovely place????


 Statement by the Pro-Life Campaign on the upcoming judgement.  A little reassuring.

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