Thursday, December 16, 2010

Abortion Compensation

The Irish media is covering the ECHR's judgement extensively, they are trying to be balanced.  The usual suspects have been wheeled out, and the overall "common sense" solution is to legislate, we're told.  Some pro-life representatives are calling for a new referendum to sort out the X-case mess which allowed the Court find for the woman known as "C".  To be honest, I will not hold my breath.  The government was quick to get us to the polling booths to get European treaties passed - the issue of abortion is one they will avoid at all costs: they will probably legislate.

Although, I see the two main parties in Ireland are holding their cards close to their chests.  While Labour is calling for abortion, both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael say they will look very closely at the judgement and reflect on it.  You see both parties would have a lot of pro-life voters on their books, and they will not want to alienate them come the election.   It's all up in the air.

A shocking dimension of this case is that the Lithuanian woman whose case was upheld by the court is going to receive €15,000 in compensation because she was not allowed to have an abortion in Ireland.  The government will have to pay her, and that money comes out of my taxes.   

We have to pray!  If for nothing else than the grace of charity and peace in these difficult times.  We must pray also for the women who took the case, they are pawns of a greater anti-life industry which enriches itself through the death of innocent children and the agony of women in crisis pregnancies.   May the Lord deliver us all from evil.

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