Saturday, March 28, 2015

Another Mafia Martyr

The list of new Causes has been released by the Congregation for Causes of Saints, this month five new Causes have been introduced and now await the Nihil Obstat. Many the five candidates is an Italian priest, Don Giuseppe Diana, affectionately known as Don Peppino. He was murdered in 1994 by the Camorra, the Neapolitan version of the mafia. You will remember that Don Pino Puglisi was beatified a couple of years ago, he had been martyred by the mafia out of hatred for his faith. 

Don Peppino was parish priest of Casal di Principe, about 25 kilometres from Naples. He was working with immigrants, trying to prevent them becoming fodder for the Camorra. He spoke out against the mafia a number of times - he went as far as to refuse them the sacraments and marry them. For his stance and public denunciations they killed him on the 19th March 1994 as he was preparing to offer Mass for the Solemnity of his patron, St Joseph.

Heroic priests like Don Peppino are a marvellous example for us in these times, particularly for our priests. He proclaimed the truth even when his enemies populated the corridors of power. Like Jesus he paid with his life, but his voice is stronger now that ever. May he pray for us and let's hope his Cause will reach a successful conclusion soon.

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  1. Thank you for bringing his information to us. Really appreciate it.