Wednesday, March 25, 2015

And Mary Said "Your Will Be Done"

The Word was made flesh - these profound words from St John sum up what we celebrate in this great Solemnity of the Annunciation. God became man in the womb of the Virgin Mary, but he could only do so because of her consent - the Lord did not force her - it was her generous openness to the will of God, her humble love and her desire to follow him in all things which led to her decision. 

In saying yes, Our Lady unraveled the sin of Eve which was one of self-obsessed disobedience. Though she did not see all the consequences of her Fiat, nor all the fruits, Mary trusted in God and in faith surrendered to his will. That is one of the reasons we, the Church, hold Mary in such veneration, why we love her, and why, I hope, we strive to imitate her. 

As the Second Vatican Council reminds us, Mary is a type of the Church, and so the Church, if she is to be the Church and carry out the mission entrusted to her, must also say yes to God's will though she does not know all the consequences or the fruits - she walks in faith with the Word of God as her guide, her light in the darkness. It is incumbent on the whole Church to walk in this light be it the Church in the Vatican City State, or the US or Ireland, or Germany - like Mary she must surrender to the will of God generously.

May the Holy Virgin Mary pray for us all that we may fulfill the role we have to play in the Church, imitating her in her fidelity and generosity; and let us pray for our leaders, that they do will do the same.

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