Friday, January 16, 2015

Prayers Please. We're Looking For A Miracle

Dear readers, 

I am asking for your prayers because a miracle is needed. A friend of mine is expecting a baby but recent tests have revealed that the baby, a boy, has serious heart defects. 

We are turning to Blessed Paul VI to intercede with the Lord, and we are asking him for a miracle. Could I ask you all to remember this little baby in your prayers and to ask Blessed Paul VI specifically for a miracle so the child will be cured of the defects and born healthy. Could I also ask that you ask your friends to do the same? The mother has decided to call the baby Paul, so let us intercede for Baby Paul.

I will be offering a Mass for Paul and his mother and family, but I will also offer another Mass for the intentions of all those who join us in this campaign of prayer. Who knows, if we get a miracle, we may have what is necessary to see Blessed Paul's canonisation.  

Thank you for your kindness. If you need a prayer, I have included the novena prayer we used in preparation for his beatification.

Novena Prayer
Heavenly Father,
We thank you for the witness of your Servant, Blessed Paul VI, who served you and the Church as Universal Pastor in difficult times.  
As a pilgrim among pilgrims he sought to reveal the beauty and joy of the Gospel to the men and women of his time, choosing the way of gentleness and forbearance.
As Shepherd of the flock he sought to proclaim the truth in a time of great confusion in imitation of his patron the Apostle to the Gentiles.
As Servant he proclaimed the Gospel of Life and in doing so bore the cross of suffering and isolation in union with your Crucified Son becoming a Prophet in the midst of the growing culture of death.
As we beseech you to raise your Servant to be numbered among the Saints, may his example of faith, courage and patient endurance inspire us in our daily living of the Gospel and in our witness to Jesus Christ.
May we too be Prophets of life, respecting, protecting and cherishing the gift of life, most especially in its most vulnerable moments.
May we too be your missionaries at this time, seeking to transform the hearts of all men and women through the joy we find in Christ.
Hear our prayers, most Merciful Father, and grant us through the intercession of Blessed Paul the graces we now ask that you may grant a healing of baby Paul.
Through Christ our Lord.
Our Father.   Hail Mary.   Glory Be. 
Blessed Paul VI, pray for him


  1. Prayers offered Rev Fr. For Baby Paul his Mother ,Father and Family. Blessed Paul Come To Their Aid in the Presence of Our Lord JESUS and His Blessed Mother MARY.

    Paul Brennan
    Diocese of Meath

  2. Praying for baby Paul and his family.