Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Party?

It has just been announced that the former Fine Gael TD, Lucinda Creighton, is going to found a new a political party in Ireland: it will be launched in eight weeks time. Creighton had been expelled from Fine Gael because of her opposition to the abortion bill. The party whip system in Ireland is very strict, and so when Taoiseach Enda Kenny imposed the whip on his party members as the bill passed through parliament, members were not allowed to have a conscientious objection to it and had to vote for it.  Creighton couldn't accept this, she voted against the bill and so lost her junior ministerial position and her membership of the party.

In announcing the new party, Creighton has reiterated that conscience would be respected and the strict whip employed in Irish political parties up to now will not be imposed, but employed in a more liberal manner as we see in other European states and most western democracies. That is good. We have to see what other policies she will have, so we have to wait.

Already the media has started the attack, as expected. Top of the agenda for journalists in interviews with her was gay marriage and abortion, the usual elements of social revolution which are pushed as reform. I can see the media, fearful that this new party might actually find significant support among the middle ground in Ireland, will have to demonise it; business as usual for some the media, I suppose.

We shall have to see what this new party will stand for, its policies and its members. But its foundation is a hopeful, a chance we can get away from what we have now. As it stands, as citizen of this republic I have no one to vote for. The established political parties have embraced a social agenda which is anti-life and becoming more and more oppressive. Many of the independents are extreme left-wing and seek the same social revolution as the parties. Some independents are good, but the problem with independents is that there is little chance of stable government if a parliament's majority consists of individuals each pushing their own individual agenda, so we need a new party. Let's see how things turn out.


  1. I disagree with those who say those politicians like Ms Creighton and others were cast out because of the party whip principle. They were not done in by the party whip they were done in by a temporary and to date transient suspension of democratic procedure which means a temporary suspension of democracy. I claim the party whip is a mechaism used by most political parties to overcome an inconvenient risk of division or split in the party and loss of its resources and time due to a non-conscious issue or non serious moral issue. eg. whether we move the party headoffice building to D4 or D24. The issue that Ms Creighton and others lost their political careers on was whether or not the state would be used to murder and mutilate innocent persons at baby stages. Not I suggest a party whip issue. Definitely an issue of conscience in any person who is sane book. Ms Creighton on this one issue i feel deserves my warm congrats and appreciation for her statswomanship. I do acknowledge she had a promising career in europe and irish politics and she made the necessary sacrifice on only the issue of the obvious lack of evidence on suicide grounds. In doing so as did others she served the common good and society as a whole. However she has never announced in public that she has abandoned the immoral stance of liberal politics. For that reason I abserve her political move with caution and await how things develop. I have no illusions about liberal politics. She only mentioned her opposition to the baby murder and mutilaiton bill only on the grounds of suicide not on the principle of the bill itself. I do however thank the lady on her obvious courage and sacrifice and i repeat her stateswomanship on that one issue.

  2. This new party will divide support for FG and to a lesser extent FF, leaving greater room for the left to make gains as the right bickers among itself.

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