Saturday, December 27, 2014


The feast of the Beloved Disciple. 

Of all the apostles, John understood Jesus the best, hence he became the Beloved. At the Last Supper he leaned on the breast of the Lord, such was the intimacy between Jesus and John, and while we may be jealous of such a closeness, as was Peter, we must remember that all of us are called to such intimacy with the Lord. 

It is Jesus' intention that we all become beloved disciples, and John himself encourages us in this. As we read his Gospel and his Epistles we see John unveiling what he found in the Heart of Christ and inviting us in beyond the veil to go into the sanctuary, into the Heart of Jesus himself. 

If only we realised that, if only we knew what God was offering, what Jesus is saying to us! May St John the Beloved help us to listen, to respond and to open our hearts to Christ.

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