Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bankrolling The Culture Of Death: Resistance!

Spare a thought for the Little Sisters of the Poor in the US who are fighting Barack Obama's HHS Mandate. Like so many other Catholic charitable institutions they are resisting Obama's directive which amounts to nothing less than a direct attack on the religious sensibilities of those opposed to abortion and contraception. This is the pro-abortion lobby and the anti-life wing of the US Democratic Party at its ugliest and most tyrannical. 

These sisters have spent their lives, as have many others in that congregation, imitating the example of their foundress St Jeanne Jugan, reaching out to the elderly poor, providing them with a home, food and loving care in the latter years of their lives. Many destitute old men and women died with dignity and in comfort thanks to the humble service of these sisters. They do not discriminate, but receive all into their homes and care for all equally, the only "ideology" which motivates their work is the command of Jesus Christ to care for the poor, the sick and the dying.

One would imagine that any government would be thrilled to have such a dedicated congregation quietly working in its country, For one thing it takes pressure off governments to provide care for dying citizens. However in the "land of the free", where homelessness, poverty and neglect of the elderly are at a serious level, such generous acts of charity still have to conform to the anti-religious and anti-life ideology of the government. Charitable work will only be accepted as long it pays homage to the culture of death, indeed worships it and pays the tithe for it.  Such an act is repugnant to simple, humble Christian women who seek to respect human life at its most vulnerable stage. 

These daughters of the Church will not pay the tithe to fund abortion, they are resisting and knowing some of the women in their congregation they would prefer to do time or even die rather than betray the Christian faith. Unlike many women's apostolic congregations, the Little Sisters of the Poor have remained faithful to the charism of their foundress, to their simple life, their habit, their community life and their communal prayer. They had their troubles at the beginning of their congregation's life and they learned the hard way that only authentic charity and fidelity to the truth will keep them on the right road. 

Please remember these sisters in your prayers, and with them all the charities resisting Obama's attempt to bankroll the culture of death through his mandate. 

If you would like to support the work of the Little Sisters of the Poor in the US, you can contact them through their website here. If in Ireland and you would like to make a donation to the sisters' worthy work, they can be found at Sacred Heart Residence, 5 Sybil Hill Road, Raheny, Dublin 5.


  1. Might be some help to the sisters of the poor if they received moral support from the current pope who has entertained the aforesaid OBama.

    I paraphrase from the above.

    The recent Synod on the Family and its deference to homosexual marriage has already troubled Christians.

    In France, those who had protested against "marriage for all" [same-sex marriage] in the name of their faith have felt betrayed -

    Vatican II had wrought havoc on the liturgical bearings of Christians. Francis seems set on giving away the cultural and religious bearings.

    Pope Francis is the idol of the media, of Members of the European Parliament, and of the Left in the West. He does not seem to mind that the most vengeful and sarcastic critics of the Church applaud him.

    The Pope seems rather to be the heir of Jacques Delors than of John Paul II. A Christian Democrat converted to Social Democracy. .

    The first post-Christian pope.

    An adherent of a Christianity without dogmas, who is adored by contemporary progressives who have thrown away what is sacred into the dustbins of history.

    A pope who best embodies the famous words by Chesterton on this, "modern world, full of Christian virtues gone mad."

  2. *** The painfully slow process of uncovering the child abuse that happened within the Catholic Church continues. The members of the church continue to try and protect the wrong people, at the expense of victims, their families and the American public. ***

    The Archdiocese of Chicago has voluntarily released documents related to 36 Archdiocesan priests who have at least one substantiated allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor. These documents are in addition to those released in January on 30 other priests. This release, together with the January release, covers priests who have substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct with minors identified on the Archdiocese's website as of November 2014. Documents pertaining to two priests, former Rev. Daniel J. McCormack and Rev. Edward J. Maloney, are not included, due to ongoing processes that do not permit release.

    Inquiries may be directed to the Office of the Protection of Children and Youth, Archdiocese of Chicago, PO Box 1979, Chicago, IL 60690.