Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time To Start Packing?

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A news report today from the Italian news agency ANSA is saying that the panel of theologians in the CCS have approved a second miracle through the intercession of Blessed John Paul II.  If this is true, it is a major step towards his canonisation.  Two more remain to be taken: approval by the CCS itself and then the Holy Father.  If things move along in the next month (the Vatican closes down for August - or at least it used to, Pope Francis may have other ideas), then we may well see his canonisation soon.  Perhaps even in time for October, as some are speculating.  In an earlier post I was not so sure, but I think it may well be possible. 
Well, if it's going happen, then if you're going to Rome, act quickly as there is sure to be a frenzy.  Airline companies will put up their prices, hotel rooms will be at a premium and I'm sure most of Poland will be on the move crowding the roads of Europe (and who would blame them!).  It might be no harm to have a packed bag ready and waiting and one eye on Vatican news services.  It may well be an interesting summer.
When John Paul's canonisation does take place, I imagine it will be the biggest in history.  A great festival of faith, no doubt - one to bring the Year of Faith to a dramatic conclusion (don't rule out the Solemnity of Christ the King as a possible date for the ceremony, the last day of the Year of Faith).  Of course the work may well begin to have John Paul declared a Doctor of the Church, and we shall see if the title "The Great" sticks.
And just to give us a flavour of what is to come (some day, but hopefully this year), here again is the moment of John Paul's beatification: 

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