Monday, June 3, 2013

Silent No More

Just a quick post to direct you to some good pro-life articles.  In the abortion demand we hear all sorts of voices, but the ones who never get to speak are the children - the ones whose live are ended.  Most of those aborted are killed - usually torn apart in the womb.  Some survive, but as the Gosnell case brought to light, most of these children are executed as soon as they are born ("post-natal termination"??), or they are left to die.  So much for the myth of progress! 
But there are a few, just a few, who do survive, and they are at last telling their stories.  It is difficult for them, and that difficulty is made worse by the abuse of the pro-choice lobby who tell these people that they have no right to exist: "You should be dead!" as one pro-choice feminist howled at a survivor - there's pro-choice compassion for you!
Life News has two articles written by Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor.  She tells us that survivors are only now discovering each other and realising that they are not unique - there are others out there.  One article deals with the Gosnell verdict, and another deals with survivors in general
There is also a website and support service for abortion survivors: the Abortion Survivors Network; it is well worth visiting.  Pass on the word.  
It might be a good idea to get some of these survivors over to Ireland to speak.  I think our Taoiseach and his cabinet who want to legalise abortion need to meet and speak to them.  However, perhaps it would not change them - at this stage it is obvious their hearts are hardened, and their minds are closed.

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  1. As the Government are now going to discuss the legislation tomorrow, we continue to pray and make sacrifices for the protection of Life. Fr. Michael Ross SDB has started a Eucharistic Project of Prayer for 30 Days from last Saturday up to the 6th July for the protection of life in Ireland. He will offer the Holy Mass each day as well as Adoration and other prayers for this cause. He asks others to join him wherever they are throughout the country and unite with him in prayer. The Louth Vigil for Life also takes place on Saturday next (15th June) in the Market Square, Dundalk from 3-4pm and this also needs support.