Tuesday, May 22, 2012

For Greater Glory

I meant to put up the trailer for that new movie about the Cristeros war in Mexico, so I'm taking the opportunity now.  Starring Andy Garcia, For Greater Glory offers us a dramatic presentation of the war, its causes and those who participated in it.  Garcia plays General Enrique Gorostieta Verlarde who leads the rebels, though not a believer himself.  Asked in the movie by his wife why he is entering this war when he does not believe he says "I believe in freedom".   Here's the trailer.

I notice the movie also focuses on  Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio.  Little Jose was only fourteen when he fought in the war and was martyred.  His death was heroic - he was stabbed by bayonets by a group of government soldiers on the 10th February 1928.  Though fatally injured, Jose continued to call out "Viva Cristo Rey" - Long live Christ the King.  The commander, furious with him, then shot him in the head.  Still alive as he lay on the ground he marked the cross in the sand with his own blood,  kissed it and died.   You have to hand it to the kid, not only courage and faith in abundance, but style too.  He was beatified by Pope Benedict on the 20th November 2005.

Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio

The movie goes on general release in the US on the 1st June.  I'm not sure when it's coming to Ireland or the UK - if it comes.  I would like to see it.  Faith and conflict when they seem to be bedfellows, must always be carefully examined: the Cristeros war was complicated, I hope this movie does not present it in a too simplistic way.


  1. Hi Fr. John; Joe from the U.S. here.
    I recently saw a screening of For Greater Glory in Chicago. A well done film and timely. All need to see it, as religious freedom is being attacked everywhere.
    The legalese of the conflict was merely touched on, and a look at how it effected regular people was the core study. Which is a better approach. The acting was very good. The production quality was very good. The story started slow but picked up. It's more of an ensemble piece than a main character protaganist/antaganist structure. The focus is spread across a handful of characters. Each reacting differently to the conflict based on who they are but all untied in a common goal. Which allowed you too see the conflict from different perspectives but couldn't go deep into a character which in this case worked well. I was moved by the film and saw some in the theater with tears.
    This film shows the true Catholic heart in action. I give it a 4 out of 5 overall, and a 5 out of 5 for how well it portrayed Catholic content and viewpoint.
    A must see.

  2. Viva Christo Rey!