Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clash Between Church And Obama Heating Up

A quick post to draw your attention to this interview with Cardinal Dolan on Obama's attempt to force the Church infinge her conscience and moral beliefs.   Obama is in serious denial, as he pushes his agenda he just doesn't see that it is a religious rights issue.  

I note with chagrin that the one of the adverts before the interview, and another on the page, is for contraception - was that intentional?  If so, it is in poor taste!

A related article, Mark Dooley has an interesting post on the Irish government's plans to require priests to break the Seal of Confession.


  1. I don't think the Irish government's legislation will do that. The legislation will make no reference to sacramental confession but will allow for non reporting if reasonable. This, in combination with existing judicial rulings and common law practice and the Constitution will mean priests won't have to report what they hear in confession. But very important that priests and bishops publicly state that this is their understanding of the legal position and that they will not be reporting lest there be any doubt.

  2. Yes, your last point is very important - there must not be an erroneous interpretation put out which could be used to later bolster an argument that the public interest in sacerdotal privilege (confidence) is a weak one relative to the reporting of suspected crime. It is, of course, already being misrepresented in the "mainstream" Media, as if it were a privilege of the priest, as opposed to the sacred relationship, crucial to society and the practice of the Faith, between a person and his/her minister, confessor, spiritual advisor.