Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mark Dooley Hits The Blogosphere

Many of you know will know Mark Dooley from his work on Roger Scruton and his columns in the Daily Mail.  In a series of articles a few years ago Mark lifted the lid on what was going on the seminary in Maynooth, revealing practices that were eventually discovered by the Apostolic Visitation and mentioned in the recent report.  Mark had been working in the Philosophy Department in NUI Maynooth and knew many of the seminarians personally.  Though he had been told that his contract would be renewed, following the articles, the NUI in Maynooth suddenly discovered they could not keep him anymore. 

Mark always has something interesting to say, and so he has hit the blogosphere.  He tends to have his finger on the pulse and offers interesting insights to get us thinking.  As a philosopher himself and a student of Scruton, one of contemporary philosophy's more controversial thinkers, there is often a healthy critique of contemporary society and thought in his writing.   Here's the link to his blog, I'll include him on my blog list over to the right for your convenience. 

Just to remind you, one of Mark's most recent books, Why Be A Catholic? is a good read and offers one thinking man's view of what has been happening in the Church in Ireland these last few decades.


  1. Mark Dooley's book, Why Be A Catholic? is a very good explanation of the faith, its purpose, and the foundational importance of the liturgy in its integrity, to nourishing and maintaining the faith, particularly in the community.

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