Thursday, March 15, 2012

Culture Of Death Applauded In Irish Parliament

Pro-Abortion TD, Mick Wallace

"Warped" - that's what Mick Wallace, a member of the Dail, called those who believe that the intentional killing of an unborn child in the womb is wrong. 

Speaking in the Dail as he and his friend Clare Daly, TD,  sponsor a bill which seeks to bring abortion into Ireland, the TD made a passionate appeal for fairness to all by allowing women to have abortions.  Refusing to allow women access to abortion was interferring in what women do with their bodies.   Nothing new in that speech, it's the usual nonsense we hear from the pro-abortion lobby, mixed with the usual lies and scare mongering.  After his speech, Wallace got a round of applause from the gathered TDs.

The bill, due to be debated in April, will probably fail, as the government will vote against it.  Strangely, previous judgements on abortion make it legal up to birth where a mother's life is deemed to be in danger (judgements which are "interpretations" of the Constitution as handed down by the Supreme Court): any legislation which does not permit abortion up to birth would be unconstitutional. 

Yes, people, the law here is an absolute mess thanks to crazy court judgements.   The government will be loath to provide abortion up to birth, even though there are people in the government who would favour it: to do so would raise the ire of many in Ireland, including some pro-abortion advocates who think some sort of limit is required. 

All of this is, of course, very ironic when we remember this government and the pro-abortion advocates are crucifying the Church for not doing enough to prevent child abuse, even closing down embassies to the Holy See in their anger.  The Church in Ireland is rightly chastised for its failures, but to then defend the abuse and murder of children in the womb reveals a level of hypocrisy, blindness and stupidity which is almost unsurpassed.  That this hypocrisy, blindness and stupidity leads to piles of infant bodies in abortion clinics borders on the satanic - indeed it is satanic.

In his speech Wallace appealed for fairness to all, but in promoting abortion he is seeking to undermine that: what about our unborn?  Our future generations?  It is not fair that they can be summarily destroyed before they can take their first breath.  No fairness there, just the propagation of a brutal, pagan dominance of the strong over the weak.

Ultimately abortion is about power - the power to destroy life if and when we please.  Pope Paul VI alluded to that in his encyclical Humanae Vitae: once men and women delude themselves into thinking they can have power over life, can create it or destroy it at will, then the door is open to all sorts of atrocities.  Today, in our national parliament, our elected members applauded those atrocities.  

Time for prayer.  As we approach the feast of our apostle, St Patrick, we must commend our people and country to his intercession. May he hear, once again, the voice of the Irish as we appeal to him.  May he remind all of us that we will be judged by God for our actions, and that those who take, facilitate or promote the taking of innocent human life have to answer to God for it.  Politicians will not escape that - indeed, they will face a harsher judgement since they are charged with protecting life and the common good.  And their accusers will be the children who perished at their hands.  And an emotive speech on fairness will not convince God that the killing of a baby in the womb was a good and justifiable act.

Related news: the Irish Family Planning Association (Irish Planned Parenthood) has been chastising Ireland at the UN for refusing to facilitate abortion.  Another assault, this time with big foreign investment behind it.  American pro-abortion groups are bankrolling pro-abortion groups here in an effort to eradicate the protection unborn children have.   I seem to remember, correct me if I am wrong, goverment disapproval when Pro-Life groups were receiving funding from foreign donors a few years ago, and I think there is a law in place which prevents it. If so, what do you think the chances are it applies to pro-abortion groups?  Nil, nout, nay, never.....?

And in other news: Ben and Jerry's have renamed one of their flavours in England as a gesture of support for the proposal to introduce gay marriage.   I'm not surprised - B&Js are big supporters of abortion, so those of us who believe in the sanctity of life never buy their products.  They have renamed their "Oh! My! Apple Pie!" to "Apple-y Ever After" with a re-designed tub which features an image of two grooms.  I presume it is an attempt to tell us gay marriage is as wholesome as apple pie.  I wonder if they realised that, traditionally (not biblically), it was believed that it was an apple which led to the downfall of humanity in the Garden of Eden?  Ironic or fitting or what?


  1. People need to organise groups to attend the regular prolife rallies and protests. Only 150 at one last Saturday in O'Connell St. We need tens of thousands on street on 7 July at annual Rally for Life - this year in Belfast (alternates with Dublin). And more volunteers needed to join 40 Days for Life, Dublin - witnessing in prayer and saving lives daily at abortion referral centres (yes, illegal but operating with impunity - shame on our law enforcement authorities!). Check out the website for contact details.

  2. I saw Deputy Wallace on V Brown this week advocating whlolesale civil dis-obedience to the household tax levy, while he defended the TV tax. A tax decided by the elected government is open to his political bias. Apply this to the Dail speech and the applause. The whole nation needs to be alerted and awakened where it is napping. Prayer - "totally depending on the Holy Spirit, and work as if depending on us" as an Irish American archbishop put it.

  3. How is it logical to say a woman has no duty as a mother to protect the life within her? The life that is a separate but a dependant human being. It is the same as saying a mother has no duty to use her body to feed, protect and nurture a newly born, a one year old, a child up to teenage. The law knows this is child abuse and if the mother won't the law and government impels, warns and steps in. So why not when a mother and father scheme to kill the unborn child? How it is the Irish even think of kill their own?