Monday, January 7, 2013

Israel's Chief Rabbis Speak For Life

An interesting article to bring to your attention today, if you have not read it yet.  The two Chief Rabbis of Israel have issued a letter to all rabbis urging them to condemn abortion, describing the killing of the foetus as murder.  Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger and Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, timed the letter to coincide with the reading in the Sabbath liturgy in the Synagogue of those verses in the Book of Exodus which tell of the killing of the Hebrew children in Egypt, and it seems the two Chief Rabbis are quite strong in their denunciation of abortion.

This is a welcome move, and one which proves yet again that abortion is not a "Catholic issue", but rather a human issue.  The rabbis see the devastation abortion is bringing to Israel as a million and half Jewish children have been killed in abortion clinics in Israel since 1948.   Speaking in religious terms, the rabbis believe that this massacre may well be delaying redemption for the Jewish people.

God bless these rabbis and may he continue to give them strength to proclaim the Gospel of Life, and we can only hope and pray that Jewish men and women around the world will listen to them.  Apparently the Chief Rabbis of Israel are very influential around the world, so let's hope they touch hearts and minds.  Indeed I hope our Jewish TDs and senators will listen to them and resist the government's intention to legislate for abortion.  How I wish our Catholic TDs and senators would listen to the leaders of our Church and oppose the legislation.

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  1. Our sole Jewish TD will have listened to his own Rabbi Zalman Lent at the Oireachtas committee who stated that the Jewish point of view was every single case is taken on an individual basis and a decision taken on that basis.