Thursday, January 24, 2013

Disturbing Story

Some deeply disturbing news today - a church in County Dublin has been set on fire, but worst of all, the Blessed Sacrament has been stolen from the Tabernacle.

The Irish Catholic has the story.  The Church of St Maur in Rush, just a few miles down the motorway from my parish, was set alight last night by thieves in the early hours of Monday morning who entered, it seemed, to steal the tabernacle.   The tabernacle was pulled out and its broken pieces found later in the church grounds.  However the ciboria with the Blessed Sacrament was missing.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Fr Coughlan, the parish priest, and the parishioners.  This is very unsettling.  Just a few months ago another church not far from our parish was also broken into and the ciboria with the Blessed Sacrament stolen.  At first we thought the thieves wanted the metal - however the vessels were later found...empty.  Was the Blessed Sacrament what they wanted?  We could well ask the same question about this latest burglary. 

Time for prayer of reparation.

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