Monday, May 4, 2015

A Novena For Ireland

Could I please ask you to pray for Ireland in these coming weeks? 

As many of you know on the 22nd May the Irish will vote on the issue of same sex marriage, making it equal in every respect to true marriage including placing an obligation on the State and government to protect gay marriage. The consequences of a yes vote on this will be enormous and will effect freedom of religion and freedom of speech, it may also result in the liquidation of Catholic marriage agencies and even our schools - the government has already said that our schools will be forced to defile their Catholic ethos to present same sex marriage as being equal to true marriage. It may be no exaggeration to say that the amendment to the Constitution, if passed, may well be used by some within Irish society to try and instigate a new Penal era here. 

I am asking you to please join us in a novena of prayer from feast of Our Lady of Fatima, the 13th May, to the eve of polling day, the 21st May.  The novena is addressed to the Holy Family, here is the link to the novena prayer in my pages section of the blog, but I will include the prayer at the end of this post.

Could I ask you to offer the Novena prayer each day, perhaps even a number a times each day if possible?

Could I ask you, if at all possible to offer a day's fasting during the novena - for prayer and fasting are needed?

Could I ask priests willing to join in the novena to offer a Mass for the intention of the novena?

Could I ask you to spread news of this novena far and wide, all around the world? There is no copyright on the prayer and you can print it off, have it printed on cards, published on websites, blogs etc, copied and promoted just as long as it is used to bring more and more people to offer the novena for Ireland.

Of course we must also include the movement in the US and other countries in our prayers. Let us support each other in this task.

Thank you for your prayer, support and help. Please spread the word far and wide.

Novena to the Holy Family
For the cause of marriage and the family

Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Holy Family of Nazareth,
we bless and venerate you.
We commend to your care and protection
the cause of marriage and family life.
May the peace which reigned in your home
take possession of all hearts and abide in all families.
Confirm all men and women in the truth
so we may recognise what is good and right
and reject all that hinders life
and the true flourishing of humanity.
Guide the hearts of all citizens
that we may witness to the truth
in forming the laws governing our society.
Bless those who work for the protection
of marriage, family and life.
O Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
Holy Family of Nazareth,
We entrust our hearts and our lives to you.


  1. Thank you Fr. Hogan,

    Will say this Prayer from the 13th. ( praying it already )

    God save IRELAND from the evil one

    Paul and Mary
    Diocese of Meath

  2. Hello I am voting yes in the coming marriage referendum with a clear and informed conscience. regards

    Tom Kelly Kildare

  3. Hello I see you removed my comment. Why??. I believe in God but admit I struggle daily. I am not gay but after listening to all sides and after giving much thought and consideration I will vote yes in the referendum. My conscience is fully informed and clear on this.

    I suppose in your eyes I must be intrinsically evil to do so. I like to think though I still though have some modicum Christian decency within me but I suppose not so after after deciding to vote yes.

    Thank you again
    Tom Kelly Kildare

    1. I did not remove your comment. As you can see, it is above this last one you posted. You accuse me of seeing you as intrinsically evil: how you make make such an assumption is beyond me, it is an uncharitable remark and unjust to me. I will not delete the comment and your accusation but leave it for the record.

      But also for the record, it's my blog, my rules. If I deem a comment unsuitable I will delete it and do not apologize for doing so.

      You can vote as you wish. Personally I believe you are mistaken, but I cannot judge our soul, only your actions which can be either good or bad, right or wrong when compared with the moral law of God: same standard for us all there. As for your vote we shall see, if the referendum is passed, the fruit of it.

  4. Father Director

    My apologies I did not see it above. My fault and stupidity completely.With respect I did not accuse you of anything but I rather incorrectly assumed you would see me as evil for voting yes in the referendum. You see from talking to Conservative Christian Catholics I have got the impression they believe voting yes an evil act and therefore I must be intrinsically evil to do so.I would oppose abortion, assisted suicide and surrogacy at all times but in good conscience I will vote yes in the referendum. Again my apologies for make wrong assumptions.

    Tom kelly

    1. Apology accepted, Tom. For the record most of those I know working for a No vote are very understanding and respectful, though there are some who are not so. As to whether voting yes is an intrinsically evil act the theologians will debate that. It is, however, an act which will usher in a definition of marriage which is contrary to God's law.

      In terms of intrinsic evil generally, human beings may commit intrinsically evil acts, acts that are always evil like abortion, it cannot be said that a person is intrinsically evil since human beings are created good, created in the image and likeness of God. Those who give themselves over to the evil can become evil, but because they were created good and because there is always the possibility they may repent and turn to the good again means no one can be intrinsically evil, ie unredeemable.

      Regarding an informed conscience: an informed conscience is one which has taken account of the truth and embraces it, the truth about the human person and the truth of God's law and his intention for us as human beings, Gay marriage is contrary to God's law in religious terms; and in human terms and in terms of natural law, defies the purpose, ends and meaning of marriage which is exclusively between a man and woman. A truly informed conscience will adhere to these truths.

      I would refer you to the Catholic Bishops' Pastoral Letter, The Meaning of Marriage.

      God bless,

      Fr John

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