Monday, November 10, 2014

The Voice of Clarity

I love this cartoon, and I'm sure Pope St Leo the Great would probably like it too. 

St Leo is of course one of our most extraordinary popes, hence the rare title of "the Great" was given to him. Renowned for his strong and wise pontificate, he was an insightful and brilliant theologian - hence his being numbered among the Doctors of the Church. His famous "Tome" written for, and read at, the Council of Chalcedon sought to settle the Christological question of his time, that of Jesus' divinity and humanity. Leo taught with the authority of the successor of St Peter and as Vicar of Christ that the Lord was fully divine and fully human. The response from the Council Fathers was simple: "Peter has spoken". For this we can honour Leo as "the voice of clarity" in the midst of confusion, and in this we can see one of the responsibilities of the popes.

Whenever I think of Leo my mind always turns to Pope Benedict XVI whose theology and teaching was clear, insightful and beautiful. So we must thank God that we had the joy of, perhaps, experiencing in some way what the people in Leo's time experienced. 

May Pope St Leo watch over the Pope and the Pope Emeritus, intercede for them and help them fulfill the call of God.

Tomb of Pope St Leo the Great in St Peter's Basilica (in the altar) 
above it a marble relief depicting Leo with Attila the Hun

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  1. Pope Leo St. the Great would never have publicly supported a cardinal like Walter Kasper in todays church who is openly promoting heresy in relation to the sacrament of matrimony.

    There is enormous confusion and dismay in many catholic families to see clear catholic teaching and morals shunted aside at this recent Synod on the Family.
    At that Synod the enemies of everything our forefathers held sacred were shameless enough to say so openly.

    Pope Francis is the instigator of, and driving force behind, all that
    has happening, is happening and might happen, schism not excluded.

    Cardinal Burke is entirely correct in stating that the catholic church in late 2014 has become a ship without a rudder.