Monday, October 13, 2014

Synod Developments

The Synod continues. Today the Relatio post disceptationem was issued. Here is a link to the document (unofficial translation) and here is John Thavis's reflections on it - he describes it as an earthquake, but Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith disagrees with him

Some of the stuff in it is a reiteration of pastoral initiatives the Church employs in ministering to people in irregular situations, although there are some points which are problematic. Again I am reminded that this particular Synod is fraught with dangers, although we are told that there is no intention to overturn Church teaching. 

Cardinal Burke in his recent interview on ETWN reminded us (and the Synod Fathers I'm sure) of the principle of non contradiction - we cannot uphold Church teaching by implementing solutions to pastoral problems which distinctly contradict those teachings. Among certain people in the Church such contradictions are "erased" by invoking the word "pastoral". That of course is nonsense, true pastoral ministry emerges from and compliments Church teaching. 

We need to pray, and pray hard. Many want this Synod to become the Catholic Church's Lambeth, that must not happen. We must not wander away from Christ's teaching convincing ourselves that infidelity is mercy.

UPDATE: Fr Longenecker has something to say about one of the problematic points in the relatio. It's blunt.

The best reaction to the relatio has to be Pat Archbold's over at Creative Minority Report: "In my mind", he writes, "the the equivalent of standing out in a field during a thunderstorm holding a 50ft lightening rod, daring God to hit it!" 

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