Monday, July 14, 2014

The "One In Fifty" Interview

I'm not going to comment on the latest Papal "interview" fiasco. At this stage I don't know what's going on. This evening at the weekly prayer group I minister to there was a lot of confusion and upset among good people, and these people have to be cared for, led and guided. I advised them to keep praying - putting their trust in the Lord Jesus, reading their Scripture and Catechism, and to follow the example of the Saints. And to pray for the Pope. As a priest I have my own views and disappointments, and today life was a little harder than usual. But ultimately, God is in charge, so such times are opportunities to pray for and nurture faith, hope and charity.


  1. Thank you, Father, for that timely reminder of what really counts.

  2. The consensus is that the interview was done by a very un-professional journalist who at least from now on should not be trusted by the Pope. This is one interview where the Pope just must go through line by line and say what is out of kilter with his thinking. If he does not do this in the context of his CHRIST assigned role he will be a very un-professional interviewee. Un-professionalism in both the interviewer and the interviewee makes one hell of a mess for the reader.