Sunday, April 27, 2014


Greetings from Rome and from the canonisation ceremony of Blessed John Paul II, or should I say: SAINT JOHN PAUL II. 

Today the Church has two new saints: the great Pope St John XXIII who sought to prepare the Church to proclaim the Gospel for the centuries ahead, and St John Paul the Great, who took the mission to heart and thrust out into the deep to proclaim the New Evangelisation. 

It is a day of celebrations, the atmosphere here in Rome is great, even if we are almost drowning in a sea of people!  We are remembering all who could not make it here but are united with us in spirit. We commend you all to our new Saints's intercession.  

May St John Paul pray for us all, bless our Fraternity and encourage us to be ever more zealous in our service of Christ and the Gospel. Ciao from Rome, we're off for our lunch and I think a gelato would be most appropriate!

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