Wednesday, January 22, 2014

March For Life

Today is the 41st anniversary of the Roe v Wade judgement in the US Supreme Court which legalised abortion in the US.  It was a tragic day, and since then over 52 million children have been murdered in hospitals and abortion clinics in America.  This number is growing every year and I believe that so far more than 42,000 children have been killed this year.  These figures make abortion the greatest crime against humanity in human history and sadly it is a crime protected and promoted by most governments in the world and by the media.  On 1st January this year the Republic of Ireland joined those countries which enshrine this intentional killing of the unborn in their legislation.

Abortion is not a tragedy, it is a crime: a crime that destroys two lives.  It physically destroys the life of a vulnerable baby, and psychologically destroys the life of a woman.  The child is gone, it will never leave its mark in the world - in most cases its very existence is denied: we can only commend this unique human being to the mercy of God.  The woman can find healing, forgiveness and a new life, yet this can be difficult when these women live in a society which tells them they did the right thing.  For many post-abortive women such reassurances ring hollow and when they seek help the very doors that opened wide to assist in the abortion, now close firmly in their face. 

The pro-life movement is committed to ending abortion and seeking to help women who have had abortions find peace, reconciliation and healing.   Today in Washington DC one of the world's biggest pro-life events takes place, the March for Life.  It gathers hundreds of thousands of people of all faiths and none, of all races, who want to stand in solidarity with the unborn child, with post-abortive women (and men) who are now traumatised, and with women facing crisis pregnancies.  This event is largely ignored by the media, but thanks to networks like EWTN and pro-life groups around the world the message gets out. 

It is bitterly cold in Washington today - there is a snow storm.  So say a prayer for all those who are defying the weather and taking part in the March.  Little by little they are winning; a number of States in the US are beginning to curb their abortion laws and businesses like Planned Parenthood, who make a fortune each year by killing children, are beginning to be squeezed out: but they are fighting back with an infernal rage.  Though they say abortion is about a woman's right to choose, it seems to many, myself included, that it is really all about money.  There are many who have been greatly enriched by the abortion industry and they are fighting hard to keep this lucrative source of income coming in.  So the war rages on, and now another front has opened up in Ireland.

So greetings to all in Washington DC, and to all who are marching for life today.  Let us pray for victory!  It will come in the US, in the UK, in Ireland, in the world.  We must keep praying and working.

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