Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pray For Exorcists Today

Today in Carmel we celebrate the feast of Blessed Francis Palau y Quer, Discalced friar who, for most of his religious and priestly life, lived in exile from community life.   Living in Spain at a time when the Church and religious orders were being persecuted, Francis was forced to leave his community and live his religious life almost as an isolated member.  That, however, led him to a deeper prayer for the Church in her suffering, and he was given many great insights into the life of the Church and her mission in the world. 
It also allowed him carry out various ministries one of which was the ministry of exorcism, so today as we celebrate his life and venerate him, let us commend to his intercession those priests and laity who work in the hidden ministry of deliverance and exorcism.

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  1. Do you know Père Marie-Eugène Grialou, I have a wonderful book of his " I want to see God" have read it a few times.