Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Damien Hirst's Pro-Life Art

Yes, I know, that headline may have shocked you.  And let's face it, when it comes to Damien Hirst the natural reaction is shock.  But thanks to Matthew Archbald over at Creative Minority Report (great guys the Archbald brothers),I was made aware that Hirst has created a series of sculptures which reveal the progress of life within the womb.  See Matthew's article here.  Looking at the photographs of the statues they seem to be very beautiful and made with great respect and even affection.  So kudos to Damien Hirst for that.
And if you are keen to see what the Archbalds are up to you could do worse than follow Patrick's struggle with his chickens.  It seems they are taking a long time to get into the laying game and Patrick is beginning to threaten them with a deep fat fryer.  However hope is on the horizon as an egg was found: a single, solitary egg.  As one Irish Churchperson would say: "Ah, a great sign of hope!"


  1. Damien Hirst's sculptures of the continuum of life in the womb are a mirror of the beauty of what is unfolding --and what is appallingly violated by abortion

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