Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Blood Of The Martyr

Someday, in my dreams, I will be waking up on this morning in Naples, having participated in the festivities for the feast of St Januarius and witnessed the miracle of the liquification of his blood.   Once expressing this wish to a friend of mine a while ago he said, "Don't bother, Naples is hell" - I know, I know: but just one day.

I have always had a fascination with St Januarius - as a child I would read and reread the story of his life and the accounts of the miracle.  So little is known about him and yet he is so influential.  Come his feast day the people of Naples hold their breath hoping the miracle will happen and God's blessings will be given.  When it has not happened the city faced difficulties, even disasters.   Call it superstitious, but it's no harm having our presumptions challenged now and again, to have to wait on the blessing of the Lord, keeps us from taking things for granted.

Anyway, until I can get to Naples, I content myself with prayer, devotion and the accounts of the miracle.  This year Taylor Marshall has a good article and video of the miracle.  A question: does anyone out there have a relic of St Januarius?

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